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athletic training

proforce performance training

501 W. Fabyan Parkway, Batavia
(630) 406-9700

ProForce Sports Performance Training is the premier athletic training facility in the Chicagoland area, continuing a 12 year tradition of providing proven results to athletes seeking their maximum physical potential. They pride themselves on safely leading athletes through proper progressions in strength, speed, and conditioning, preparing both individuals and teams for superior level of achievement.


Flatlander fitness & Athletics

333 Randall Road Suite 4, St. Charles
(331) 442-4417

Flatlander Fitness & Athletics offers strength-based group fitness classes that blend cardio and dynamic movements as well as nutrition counseling and personal training. They also offer both specialty athletic training (i.e. tennis) and althetic training for high school athletes.

st. charles

Elite Sports Training Center

220 S Randall Rd, St. Charles, IL

(630) 443-1010

Elite Sports Training Center focuses on coaching baseball and softball athletes at every ability level from beginner to professional. They have a indoor batting cages and HitTrax simulation system.

st. charles

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