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Poodle, poodle, rescadoodles

Author | Shannon Gail Clemonds

  • This playful "tail" of luck and love shares the true story of Andi and Mitzi, a perfect pair of poodle sisters whose serendipitous rescue was an array of dismay that somehow went exactly their way. Poodle Poodle Rescadoodles is a playful read full of whimsical wording and alliteration, as told by the adorable doggy duo themselves.

Children's Book

It's Just me... Brooklyn!

Author | Michelle Mansfield

  • Authoring this book, "I Tried It!", and "I Can Conquer!", Michelle focuses on promoting positive self-esteem in children, healthy eating habits, and working through fears through a character that was inspired by her own daughter, Brooklyn!

Children's Book

Mother Moon

Author | Bonnie Baumgartner

  • A beautiful children’s story that celebrates the special bond shared between mother and child. Vibrant illustrations depict possibilities of who their child may become and all she may achieve. Especially with a little love and guidance from their mothers. 

Children's Book

Wish Upon a Lantern

Author | Lindy Lorenz & Beth Kruziki

  • When a child struggles with feeling out of place, Papa lights a sky lantern to dance among the stars. The child wishes upon the lantern's soft, magical light as Papa teaches about serving as a lantern for others who need it most.  When it's time for the child to light their own lantern, it's finally clear what it means to be an ally for others.

Children's Book

Willie & Arnold series

Author | Barbara Perry

  • Engaging children through the exploration of the water cycle and teamwork, readers follow Willie & Arnold's adventures in "A Perfect Puddle" and "Moving Day".

Children's Book

good night, good night construction site

Author | Sherri Rinker

  • With 17 children's books under her belt (and four of them being NY TIMES BEST SELLERS), it's easy to see why so many kiddos love reading these rhyming books with a heavy emphasis on heavy machinery!

Children's Book

one scoop, two scoop

Author | Sharon Powers

  • Filled with sweet acts of kindness and delicious ice cream cones, this book is a vibrant reminder of the satisfaction that comes from being kind to those around you. Was your day a one-scoop day or a two-scoop day?

Children's Book

Dance with daddy

Author | Anitra Rowe Schulte

  • Elsie can’t wait to go to her first father-daughter dance. She picked out the perfect dress and has been practicing swirling and swaying in her wheelchair. Elsie’s heart pirouettes as she prepares for her special night. With gestures, smiles, and words from a book filled with pictures, she shares her excitement with her family. But when a winter storm comes, she wonders if she’ll get the chance to spin and dance her way to a dream come true.

Children's Book

pumpkin head tom & mummy mary

Author | Lenni, Libby, & Mike Schrettenbrunner

  • This is a ghoulishly fun story about how being a good friend and being a good person can lead to much, much more

Children's Book

"The secret To" series

Author | Theresa Fontana

  • The child self-help books are all written in a format of a secret that encourages kindness, confidence, and social emotional learning techniques. What kids wouldn't want to hear a new juicy secret? What parent wouldn't want a story that actually teaches their child life lessons on being good humans? What teacher or social worker wouldn't want a social story that rhymes and has engaging watercolor illustrations?  

Children's Book

The Last Tricericorn

Author | Vincent M. Miceli

  • The Last Triceracorn (Book One) is a modern-day fantasy about two strong-willed and gifted sisters, Matea and Luciana, who unexpectedly find themselves drawn into this epic tale of worldly destruction, adventure, suspense, mystery, magic, and unusual settings. But they soon discover that they’re not alone in this fight as they stumble upon a band of newly formed friends… gifted children, like themselves, from all around the world. Yet there’s more… an old acquaintance from their past who might just have the secretive answers they need.

Children's Book

Taboo business questions

Author | Matt Wilhelmi

  • "Taboo Business Questions: What's Haunting Every Entrepreneur's Growth" addresses how to have a self-sustaining business.

Business Book

Marketing Chomp

Author | Leah Hoppes

  • This is a foundational marketing book that is critical for anyone who has a product or service to promote. Leah also has another book titled, "How to Avoid Embarrassment & Humiliation in Public Speaking".

Business Book

on tenterhooks

Author | Elizabeth Rago

  • A story of hope beyond the hand you're dealt, "On Tenterhooks" is the story of Lucy, a job-hopping and scattered young woman, and her best friend Claire, a brilliant entrepreneur and single mother.  Their lives simultaneously come to a halt when they discover the diary of a woman hidden in the walls of Lucy's apartment."

adult fiction

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