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Prana Yoga Center

321 Stevens Street, Geneva
(630) 262-9642

Prana's multi-style approach integrates techniques from: alignment-based Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Strength, and Yin yoga, as well as Meditation & Ayurveda. For your convenience, they offer classes In Person and virtually Livestream and Video On Demand. Whether you’re looking to develop strength and flexibility or to restore inner balance - they have a class for you!


Yoga Six

577 N 3rd St #100, Geneva, IL
(630) 412-0229

Yoga Six offers 6 different class types from hot and powerful to slow and mindful ranging from beginner to the more advanced sculpt classes.


The Yoga Den

1 West State Street 107A Geneva, IL

(630) 253-1434

The Yoga Den is an experience like no other; where movement and mindfulness come together; where your Pack Leaders will provide a fun, challenging and successful workout. Join the Pack for a class in our river-front studio in Geneva, Illinois.


Little Meadow Family Yoga

1N279 La Fox Road, La Fox
(630) 224-1244

Little Meadow Family Yoga, is a one of a kind studio, that offer children’s yoga classes every day and yoga for the whole family.


Bent Dog Yoga & Pilates

1560 E. Main Street, St. Charles
(630) 513-9642

Bent Dog offers a range of fusion classes, including Bikram yoga & hot Pilates, in a heated, minimalist space.


power moves yoga

1920 W Main St, St. Charles, IL

(630) 621-8292

At Power Moves Yoga, you’ll be in a modern, clean environment with classes that will change your body and your life.


club pilates

142 S. First Street, St. Charles

(630) 283-3700

Club Pilates studios offer low-impact, full-body workouts with a variety of classes that challenge your mind as well as your body. Club Pilates studios feature a variety of apparatus, including Reformer, TRX, Exo-Chair, Bosu ball, mats, rollers, and more.



103 W. Wilson Street, Batavia

(847) 691-9082

Soma is dedicated to creating a community and peaceful place for like-minded people to connect through inspired classes. Their classes are designed to challenge, transform and empower. Soma also welcomes the littlest yogis! Providing children with the tools of yoga and meditation is a lifelong investment that helps with awareness of their bodies and emotions.


Goat yoga chicago

11N435 Muirhead Road, Elgin
Phone Number: (708) 320-3366

  • Practice your favorite asanas while miniature goats weave in and out of your legs, jump on your back, and nudge your pockets for treats. This popular class is based on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be experienced together.


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